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An unpredictable voyage with DJMarkSteel into an ever-expanding collection. Drop your anchors, don your audio snorkels and dive backwards and forwards into all things indie, psyche, funk, soul, afrobeat, hip-hop, beats of all kinds and no beats of all kinds.



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The Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Kool Boy Narcosis
Sylvania East Side Symphony – Egbi Mi O
Wire – Outdoor Miner
Swervedriver – English Subtitles
The Creation – Making Time
Holy Fuck – Stay Lit
Pasteur Lappe – Na Real Sekele Fo’Ya
Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere (Psychemagik Summer of Love Edit)
Konk – Your Life (Party 12″ Mix edit)
LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great
Solar Bears – Wild Flower
Jesse Mae Hemphill – I’m So Glad (You Don’t Know What’s On My Mind)
Hush Arbors – Rue Hollow
Flavor Crystals – Diamond Mine
Dinosaur Jr. – Watch The Corners
Adorable – Sunshine Smile
Amboy Dukes – Baby Please Don’t Go
The Tamlins – Baltimore
Billy Paul – East
Ikons – Slow Light

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