At nearly 8 hours this could be the perfect ambient motherlode to provide an inspiring soundtrack for your subconscious mind as you sleep. Bon voyage!

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01.Under Chandeliers_Pinkcourtesyphone_Under Chandeliers
03.Secretly Wishing for Rain_Rafael Anton Irisarri_A Fragile Geography
04.World War 0_Tsone_Dovetail
05.After a Storm_Western Skies Motel_Settlers
07.Strange Dies, Too_Dolor_Gun City
08.Uniformity Is Undesirable_Christopher Bissonnette_Essays in Idleness
10.Left_Solo Andata_In The Lens
11.Black Beach (Tape Version Remix)_Deru_1979: Remixed
12.Hymn To The Idea Of Night_Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker_Fantasma Parastasie
13.Loire_Benoît Pioulard_Thine
14.Back To Belgrade_Clark_The Last Panthers
16.00:26:00_Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm_Trance Frendz
17.House On The River_Abul Mogard_Circular Forms
18.Part Two_Jared Smith_Fjall
19.February Dawn_Wil Bolton_February Dawn
20.Bijie Dream (8 x Stretched)_Tim Hecker_Love Streams
21.Deep Corridor_Brambles_Charcoal (2014 Special Edition)
22.Broken Glass_Zes_Darkened
23.Plainchant_Benoît Pioulard_Noyaux
25.Outro_Woulg_Tiny Moon
26.End Of Good Discipline_Willamette_Diminished Composition
27.Until Time Sits By Your Side_Arash Akbari_Cracked Echoes
28.Blurring Contentment_Siavash Amini_Subsiding
29.Collapse Sonata_Tim Hecker_Love Streams
30.Android Manouvres_Abul Mogard_Abul Mogard
31.Limb_Markus Guentner_Theia
32.Kept_Jason Van Wyk_Attachment
33.Shelter_Lorn_The Maze To Nowhere / Part 3
34.Keplerian Motion_Legiac_unreleased
35.Keplerian orbit [Ocoeur Remix]_Legiac_
remixes for Mercury Retrograde & The Faex has Decimated
36.Mahler Remixed 2_Fennesz_Mahler Remixed
37.Farewell track_Clark_Emtpy the Bones of You
38.Richard Ginns – Outward_various artists
39.Insight_Warmth_Essay40The Intruder_Greg Haines_Where We Were
41.1979 (On a Snowy February Day)_Deru_1979: Remixed
42.Part I_Martin Nonstatic_Inside (isolatedmix 59)
43.Vanishing Point_ASC_Time Heals All
44.Huitième Branche_Cyril Secq / Orla Wren_Branches
45.Rio Salado – Conil_David Cordero_El Rumor del Oleaje
46.Agarthini_Siavash Amini_Subsiding
47.Seven Years of Summer_One Arc Degree_Digiseeds
48.Neon Giraffe_Fenton_PUP
49.I (One)_Julien Neto_Le Fumeur de Ciel
50.Alpine Light_Jacob Newman_Quanta Flora
51.Unreleased_Ard Bit_Unreleased
52.Displacement_Rafael Anton Irisarri_A Fragile Geography
53.Peine del viento – San Sebastian_David Cordero_El Rumor del Oleaje
54.Velvve_Arovane & Hior Chronik_In-between
55.The Rule of Forgetting_Giulio Aldinucci_Goccia
57.Inconsistent Density_Tsone_Dovetail
58.Live Leak Instrumental_Tim Hecker_Love Streams
59.Temporary People Passing Through_Leigh Toro_L’Esprit De L’Escalier
60.Dead Branches_Wil Bolton_February Dawn
61.XI_Benoît Pioulard_Stanza II
62.Gallery Of The Invisible Woman_Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker_Fantasma Parastasie
63.Vertigo_State Azure_Digiseeds
64.Sunset_Richard Ginns_A Beautiful Memory Shaped In The Stars
65.There is still time_Lorn_The Maze to Nowhere
66.Delta 3_Maps and Diagrams_Delta
67.So It Goes_Greg Haines_Where We Were
68.Ambikythera Mechanism_Legiac_unreleased
69.Naomi Pleen_Clark_The Last Panthers
70.Spherical Angles_Maps and Diagrams_Delta
71.Diamond Day_Offthesky_Silent Went The Sea
72.Holdgaze (Legiac.rmx)_Funckarma_Frequencies Of The Mind III
73.Painting Dust_olo Andata_In the Lens
74.Hiero-Bosch For Khalil_Clark_The Last Panthers
75.Cad Goddeu (Revised)_Nest_Retold (2014 Special Edition)
76.Garden_Western Skies Motel_Settlers
77.Outset_Jason Van Wyk_Attachment
78.Inversion_Bersarin Quartett_Bersarin Quartett
79.Ritual Of Light_ASC_Fervent Dream
80.1:41:00_Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm_Trance Frendz
81.Vesper_Ital Tek_Hollowed
82.Première Branche_Cyril Secq / Orla Wren_Branches
83.A Deceptive And Distant Howl_David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette_
The Meridians Of Longitude And Parallels Of Latitude
84.The Helwick_Nest_Retold (2014 Special Edition)
85.Despite Faith_Abul Mogard_Abul Mogard
86.A Poem For 11_Sweatson Klank_Singular Forms
87.Dust and Drag_Hotel Neon_Hotel Neon
88.Veil_Kane Ikin +David Wenngren_Strangers
89.Form Light_Offthesky_Silent Went The Sea
90.The Circadian Clock_Sonmi451_Digiseeds
92.Bee_Porya Hatami_The Garden
93.Shutter_Taylor Deupree_Faint
94.The Rate of Delay_Christopher Bissonnette_Pitch, Paper & Foil
95.Velbb_Zahn | Hatami | McClure_Veerian
96.Blue Field Balcony_Wil Bolton_February Dawn
97.Instance Infinite_Offthesky_Silent Went The Sea
98.The Sounding Furrows_ASC_Fervant Dream
99.Her Rituals_Rafael Anton Irisarri_The Unintentional Sea
100.Black Phase_Tim Hecker_Love Streams