If you can’t find the answer you need then please contact us.

  • Android: go to Yesmate.com and click the 3 dots in the address bar, select ‘add to home screen’

    Apple iOS: go to Yesmate.com and click the share button on the browser toolbar (a rectangle with arrow pointing up). The browser toolbar is either at the top or the bottom of the screen, depending on which device you have. Select ‘add to home screen’

    For more information and how to do it with Windows Phone, 8, 8.1 and Firefox visit http://www.howtogeek.com/196087/how-to-add-websites-to-the-home-screen-on-any-smartphone-or-tablet/

  • Your channel is a collection of posts. A post normally contains embedded music.

    When you are logged in you can find your channel with the ‘my channel’ link at the top of pages.

  • Posting content to your channel is easy. Open the smiley face panel on the left of the screen. Paste in the title and the link of the content you wish to post. Click ‘submit’.

    Content from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Spotify and Youtube, etc will be automatically embedded in your post.

    It’s even easier to post content directly by using the bookmarklet, watch this video for a quick introduction to posting music to your channel:

  • When you install the Press This bookmarklet you can post content from web pages directly to your channel (desktop computers only). This is especially useful for when you are browsing on Youtube, Spotify web player, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

    First add the bookmarklet to your browser: when you are logged in click the Yesmate Dashboard icon on the admin bar at the top of the page:
    Now click the Tools link and drag the Press This bookmarklet to your browser bar. Then simply click Press This to share the content of a web page you are on.

  • You can edit your posts after publication. For example, you can:

    • change the background colour
    • add a tracklist if available
    • add more info and links to the artist/label/DJ website, Bandcamp, Twitter or Soundcloud pages for example
    • add a description or write an article

    Go to the post you want to edit, towards the end of the post you will see an edit link. Remember to click on the Update button after editing.

  • Head over to the page Detailed instructions for posting and formatting posts for information about:

    • including images with posts so they show up in your channel
    • formatting your posts to make them look nice
    • how to add your own personal navigation menu to your channel
    • tips for social media promotion
    • how to get your posts noticed for the main Yesmate channel by formatting them to the required standard
  • Groups are gatherings of members who post updates to the group – content and comments. You can post links of content from Spotify, Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Youtube in an update and the music/video will be embedded.

    Anyone can create a group. When you create a group you automatically become the group administrator. You must be logged in to Yesmate to participate in group activity.

    Groups can be public, private or hidden. Anyone can join a public group. With private groups the administrator has to approve requests to join. Hidden groups are only visible to group members. The administrator of a hidden group invites people to join.

    You can favorite any post in a group that you are a member of.

  • Groups are great for many things, for example:

    • a collaborative channel – members post tracks, mixes, playlists and videos according to the styles or other criteria set by the group administrator
    • a collaborative playlist – members post suggestions of tracks
    • topical discussions
    • use a hidden group as a project management tool
    • a crowdsourced novel
    • a record label receives demos
    • Yesmate 100s – a group for Spotify playlists that contain exactly 100 tracks
    • the Submit It group is a public group for anyone to post the good music they find
    • the sky is the limit
  • The Admin Bar is your shortcut to everything related to your group activity and management, including:

    • edit your profile and settings
    • read notifications
    • see pending group invitations, mentions, etc
    • create groups
    • go to your activity page

    Click on the avatar icon to access the menu (this avatar changes to your profile image when you have uploaded one).

  • You must be logged in to create a group. Either:

    1. Select ‘Create a Group’ in the Admin Bar menu, or
    2. Select ‘Create Group’ on the groups page.

    Write a group description and configure the settings as indicated. Upload a group image and invite people.

  • Your crate is a collection of your favorite posts on the Yesmate network. After you log in you can add a post to your crate by clicking the star under the content in a post.


  • Use the Admin Bar menu at the top of the page when you are logged in. Hover over your profile name to expand the menu.

  • Click on the Yesmate Dashboard link at the top left of the Admin Bar:
    Here you can add profile information, bio, links, profile image, etc. Open the Extended Profile tab for further options.

  • You can post anything to your channel, within reason. Please do not post anything defamatory, illegal, pornographic, etc. Yesmate is mostly about sharing brilliant music, but maybe you want to write stuff too, or be creative in other ways – that’s OK 🙂 

    Note on copyright:
    You are encouraged to share music from the main streaming networks – it helps the artists. However, some content on the internet is protected by copyright and so if you are not allowed to use it then do not post it. As the author of a post you are responsible. Use your common sense and you will probably be fine.

  • Yes please, it’s good to provide links to information such as:

    • relevant artist/DJ/label pages on Soundcloud
    • a relevant website for users to find more information
    • artist/DJ Twitter
  • You can use the share buttons below a post to send to your followers on Twitter and other networks. Include the Twitter names of relevant people (eg the DJ) in the tweet.

  • Yesmate editors watch out for stuff that tickles their fancy and re-post some content to the Yesmate channel.

  • Like Twitter, if you write their username in a status update with ‘@’ in front, eg @yesmate, then that user will receive a notification.

  • The mood key is a simple user experience enhancement. It is not intended as a definitive categorisation of all music, but as a guide to help you find music that is more likely to be suitable for a particular situation.

  • Contact us and introduce yourself. We are particularly keen on people with the following skills: Wordpress, PHP, full-stack Javascript, Node JS, WP REST API, Buddypress, servers and back end stuff.

  • We do not ask for or store sensitive personal information. The only personal information that we require from our members is their email address.

  • Editors have advanced publishing capabilities on Yesmate. They select the content that is posted on to the main Yesmate channel.


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